// Artist: Sandy Lee

Sandy Lee is a painter with deep connections to her heritage, culture and spirituality. Currently based in the Hunger Region of NSW Sandy exhibits in Australia and Europe. Her highly textural works are made by the artist using her hands to apply acrylic, pearlescent pigments and ground shells from the coastal area she grew up in.

Sandy’s unique painting processes are primarily self discovered, following growing up learning from her Indigenous grandmother who guided her to ‘find the work within’. Her paintings are the products of her ability to visualise energy, auras and colour which also flow through from her work as an energy healer. The palpable connection with nature can be experienced by the viewer as Sandy describes the work being based on her ‘minds eye visualising a sweeping birds eye view over her country, and bright flickers of sunlight as waves roll in the ocean’. The ethereal nature of the work is balanced by the use of the hand to apply the grounded textured surface, creating the perfect contrast between the spiritual and earthly realms of life.