// Artist: Zoe Sernack

Zoe Sernack is a painter who lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Her work explores the connections between landscape, memory and the subconscious.

“My paintings are imagined abstract landscapes. I capture what emerges for me intuitively, a process of connecting memory, inspiration and my subconscious rather than representing somewhere specific. Through layers of mark making, paint and abstracted forms, I hope to engage the viewer and spark a personal connection of belonging through their own experiences, whether it be a sense of place, a feeling or igniting a memory… I am constantly fascinated by the intelligence of the natural world, its networks below the earth’s surface and the flourishing compositions we see above the ground.”

Zoe holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from The National Art School. Throughout her 25 year career as an artist, Zoe’s work has been shown in more than 65 exhibitions.